Az. Agr. Comm. Lorenzo Accomasso

is a Piedmontese wine farm established in 1957. 

Knight Lorenzo Accomasso and the Barolo wine are inseparable. A champion of tradition thanks to his particularly serene personality, he defines himself as the farmer who loves to make wine. The first Barolo was produced in 1958.

The place is Borgata Pozzo, La Morra (CN), Piedmont, Italy.

Marne di Sant’Agata: fossils with 4 different soil variations in the vineyard of Rocche dell’Annunziata (blue grey marl, mixed clay, very fine sands, limestone, soil rich in magnesium and manganese, of marine origin with fossil and siliceous deposits).

Grape varieties:
Barbera, Nebbiolo

Age of the vineyards:
50 years

hilly with an altitude of 500 m above sea level.
Rocche dell'Annunziata overlooks Castiglione Falletto, while Vigna Rocchette overlooks Barolo.


  • DOCG Barolo Riserva
  • DOCG Barol

"Wine is made in the vineyard, it must be drinkable" as Knight Lorenzo Accomasso states.

Wine descriptions

wines of great rural expression.

  • Nebbiolo: acidity and tannins

Common Notes:
rare finesse and great drinkability.

Red: braised red meat, dishes with white truffles, agnolotti with meat sauce, medium-seasoned  or seasoned cheese.

DOCG Barolo riserva

Rocche dell’Annunziata Riserva

Vintage 2013

100% Nebbiolo

Marne di S. Agata Fossile - ageing up to five and a half years in wood and eighteen months  in bottle

Wine of rare elegance and fineness. Vivid and natural. Slender and eurythmic, it is able to bring us back to a hieratic dimension.

DOCG Barolo

Rocche dell’Annunziata – Vigna Rocchette

Vintage 2014

100% Nebbiolo

Marne di S. Agata Fossile - ageing up to  4 and a half years in wood and after being bottled, the wine is left to age for 18 months.

A very intense and characteristic garnet red. The entrance in the mouth is dry, full and harmonious. Elegant and fine with an excellent taste-olfactory correspondence.

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