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is situated in one of the most suitable areas for the production of oil. It is among the hills surrounding the medieval city of Trevi, between Assisi and Spoleto, in the heart of Umbria.
Following the time of the seasons and the experiences handed down from the past, Ardelio and Maria Santa, together with their daughter Simona and their son Gianfranco, prune one by one the seven thousand olive trees grown at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. What distinguishes the family is, without doubt, the great respect for nature combined with a careful attention both to tradition and the most up to date technologies. A clear example of this are the photovoltaic system to produce clean energy, the modern oil mill to process olives and the recovery of production waste transformed into “nocciolino” to feed the boiler of the family farm.

The place is Manciano, Trevi (PG), Umbria, Italy.

Type of soil:

Clayey, limy 

Average Height:

500 meters above sea level   

Average age of the olive trees:

100 years

the soil and the climatic conditions of the area are ideal for the perfect ripening of the olives and the drainage of the olive trees.


The philosophy of the company is to spread the oil culture, its health benefits and its importance in a healthy diet.


Moraiolo: is a variety rich in nutritional substances. Herbaceous hints of artichoke and aromatic herbs. Presence also of pungency and bitterness strong notes.



Cultivation method: monocone

Harvest time: November

Type of harvesting: Hand-picking. The   olives are brought within 6 hours to the mill  for the milling which takes place no later than 12 hours after harvesting.

Crushing method: continuous two-phase cycle.

The extra virgin olive oil "Athena" is a blend obtained from olives Moraiolo 70% - Leccino 15% - Frantoio 15% which are collected by hand at the right level of ripeness in order to obtain an oil with a golden green colour, an elegant and a round smell of herbs and a balanced bitter taste.


Moraiolo Monovarietale

Cultivation method: monocone

Harvest period: from November on

Crushing method: continuous two-phase cycle

Type of harvest: Hand-picking. The olives handpicked are brought within 6 hours to the mill for the milling which takes place no later than 12 hours after harvesting

"Moraiolo" is the 100% Moraiolo organic extra virgin olive oil. The processing of this cultivar produces a decidedly herbaceous oil with dominant notes of artichoke and unripe almond. Intense and decisive the perception of bitter with a spicy finish.

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