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is a young winery created in 2019.

The first vineyard of Buttrio, where Merlot reaches its best expression, and the Poianis vineyard, where Friulano grows in perfect synergy with the cohesion of the natural elements, are wisely cultivated by the oenologist Enrico De Candido, who has seen in them the concrete realization of one of his passions.

The place is Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy where the excellence of the territories, properly chosen, pays homage to these wines.


  • clay rich in red and grey marl with fossils in Buttrio (Colli orientali del Friuli);
  • clay with a prevalence of blue and red marl in Poianis (Colli orientali del Friuli).

Grape varieties:
Friulano, Merlot

Age of the vineyards:
from 25 to 80 years

the vineyards are exposed to the south at 200 meters above sea level.

Situated between the Julian Pre-Alps and the high Friulian plain, where the ancient sedimentation (Eocene deposits) gave origin to the typical marl and sandstone, the lands of Poianis and Buttrio are surrounded by woods and the Adriatic Sea, then receded, is only 40 kilometers away from them.


  • DOC Friuli Colli orientali Merlot – Col di Buri
  • DOC Friuli Colli orientali Merlot
  • DOC Friuli Colli orientali Friulano

the main concern of the winery is that wines must enhance the territory of origin, realize the characteristics of elegance and finesse by preserving the value of a varietal fruit. Enrico De Candido says that "calibrating the  proportion is an exercise of balance".



noble and typical wines, harmonious and refreshing. 

  • Friulano: herbaceous, fruity, mineral, good acidity.
  • Merlot: fruit, freshness, softness.

Common Notes:
All wines are characterized by elegance, harmony and longevity. They give an emotion that conquers you sip after sip.

White: big white fish and oysters. Ham, tartare and even bitter vegetables. 
Red: excellent with Kobe meat and grilled lamb, but also with game, chicken or rabbit cooked in a pan. Lovely with cotechino and goat cheese.

DOC Friuli Colli orientali

Merlot – Col di Buri

Vintage 2018

100% Merlot

Exposure of the vineyard Buttrio: south - Average age of the vineyard: 25 years
Maceration for fourteen days and fermentation for ten days in stainless steel vats. Aged in amphorae and in French oak barrels for eighteen months. Eight months in stainless steel.

The wine shows  a clear ruby red drape.

The olfactory impact is intense and ample  with  a fresh and fruity scent  of  cherry. Notes  of watermelon and pomegranate seeds. Floral bouquet  of violet and pink lily. Anise and spicy hints of  carnation and black cardamom. Scents  of mint and menthol introduce notes of good ovule   and  white truffle. Graphite mineral. Delicate aromas  of dark tobacco and French butter  in the finish.

The mouthfeel is firm and fresh. The tannic texture ,of rare elegance, is accompanied by vibration and progression. It is a  wine with a very long persistence and a masterful closure.  A symphony of emotions.

DOC Friuli Colli orientali


Vintage 2018

100% Merlot

Exposure of the vineyard Buttrio: south - Age of the  vineyard: 40 years
Maceration: fourteen days. Fermentation: seven days in steel vats. Maturation in amphorae and in French oak barriques (first and second passage) for eighteen months. Eight months in stainless steel.

The wine shows a noble ruby red colour with violet reflections.

The bouquet is intense and broad with notes of fresh red fruit such as plum and blackberry. Fig and spices such as black pepper, cloves, cinnamon and green cardamom. Terracotta, toasted flaxseed. Notes of new leather and animal scent. Tips of bitter chocolate and vanilla in the finish.

In the mouth it is dry, soft and enveloping. The freshness is accompanied by a silky tannic texture and a serpentine salivation reveals a wine of excellent body, long persistence, finesse and great balance.

DOC Friuli Colli orientali


Vintage 2020

100% Schioppettino

Soil: medium deep, marly with excellent water retention

Vineyards: Spessa and Prepotto. North-east exposure.  Age of the vineyards: about 30 years

Fermentation: ten days in steel tanks. Maturation: nine months in French oak barrels.

It is a wine of purple red colour and high intensity.

Classic spicy notes of black pepper mixed with notes of blueberry and floral sensations of red petal.

The entry is genuine and simple with immediate spicy notes of black pepper. Floral effluvi of red petals and well- balanced , integrated, silky tannins. A lean, fresh and dry wine that does not like to shiow itself but that  impresses with its authenticity.

DOC Friuli Colli orientali


Vintage 2019

100% Friulano

Average age of the vineyard Poianis in Cividale del Friuli: 40 years
Stabulation and fermentation for ten days in stainless steel tanks. Maturation from eight to ten months in barrique and amphora.

The wine shows an intense straw yellow colour with crystalline golden reflections.

The bouquet is amazingly broad and of rare finesse with fruity scents such as pink grapefruit, white peach and green pear. Herbaceous characters such as hay, dandelion and nettle. Notes of wet earth and minerals such as river pebbles in the final.

The attack on the palate is clear and clean. Dry and  warm, it pervades the mouth with great freshness and minerality. The distribution of the parts on the lingual mantle is of a praiseworthy precision. A wine of excellent structure and great balance, of incredible intensity and long persistence. An excellent young Friulian wine that entices you after the first sip. 

"Fario Trout and Foie Gras" - Sandro and Maurizio Serva - La Trota Restaurant since '63 - Rivodutri (RI)

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