Sciara Volcanic Winery

is a winery established on the volcanic soil of Etna in 2015.

The estate has been run by Stef Yim, an Asian American young man who, before becoming an oenologist, thanks to his winemaking experiences in California and France, trained himself as a sommelier in Los Angeles. His belief in the uniqueness of the volcanic soil of Etna has led him closer and closer to the crater. Cannonau vineyards in the districts of Cielo and Nave, are, in fact, the highest in Europe. 

The place is Randazzo (CT), Etna, Sicily.


  • Volcanic rocks and sands (760 meters)Volcanic ash, rocks and sands (980 meters)
  • Volcanic rocks and sands (Centenario)
  • Volcanic ash and sands (1200 meters)
  • Rocks and volcanic sands (Acqua di Luna)

Grape Varieties:
Cannonau, Nerello Mascalese;
Carricante, Catarratto, Minella bianca.

Age of the vineyards:
from 45 to over 100 years

On the north-eastern, north, north-western and southern slopes of Etna, the highest mountain in Europe, the over-century old vineyards are naturally cultivated ‘ad alberello’. Property of the estate is also the highest red grape vineyard in Europe, located at about 1200 meters.


  • White wine
  • Red wine
  • IGT Etna Rosso
  • DOC Etna Rosso


the main points for  the winemaker  Stef Yim  are:

  1. altitude
  2. young volcanic soil (Etna Volcano is very active)
  3. Prephylloxera old  vines ‘foot free’

Each wine fully reflects its terroir.



inviting and charming wines able to give a subtle elegance to taste.

 • Cannonau: depth and alcohol potential
 • Nerello Mascalese: reader of the terroir, medium body, acidity
 • Carricante: elegance and fruit
 • Catarratto: acidity and minerality
 • White Minella: freshness

Common notes:

balance and uniqueness

Food matching:

White: fish dishes such as pasta with seafood and also white meat with orange .

Red: pasta with truffles, meat such as pork shank and suckling pig ossobuco and roast pigeon. To try it with some raw fish.

IGT Etna Rosso

1200 meters

Vintage 2018

Cannonau 100% (Spanish Grenache)

Vines over 70 years old on soil of volcanic ash and sands at an altitude of 1200 meters.

Contrada / Cru: Cielo (Sky) and Nave (Ship)

Spontaneous fermentation with autochthonous  yeasts, nineteen months in terracotta jars and glass containers with a production of 960 bottles.

The ruby red color is elegant. The olfactory impact is attractive and visceral. Representative of  the Etnean terroir are the ferrous notes of anchovy. Fruity nuances of blackberries and pomegranates   are accompanied by sensations of roasted chestnuts.

A decisive, delicate and expressive mouthfeel that tastes of volcanic terroir. The subtle tannic texture along with the entire structure of the wine gives moments of intriguing elegance.

"Tarbouriech" Oyster, the pink pearl of the river Delta - Maria Grazia Soncini – La Capanna di Eraclio -  Codigoro (FE)

Centenario - Pre Phyloxera

Vintage 2018

Nerello Mascalese 100%

Vines over 100 years old on a soil characterized by volcanic rocks and sands, at an altitude from 630 to 1200 meters

Contrada / Cru: Barbabecchi, Feudo di Mezzo and Nave

Spontaneous fermentation with autochthonous  yeasts, nineteen months in terracotta jars and glass containers with a  production of 896 bottles.

 If you pour the wine into a large glass, an inviting and intense olfactory profile, with aromas unfolding in hints of red fruits, strawberry and blood orange as well as brambles and tobacco, rocks and musk will be perceived at once.

The palate will fully appreciate the intensity, the good concentration and the subtle elegance of the wine, always fresh and balanced. Your perceptions will range from red fruits to dried herbs to end with a lovely earthy sensation.

Pasta with truffles, roast pork knuckle, suckling pig

IGT Etna Rosso

980 meters

Vintage: 2018

Nerello Mascalese 100%

Vines over 100 years old on soil composed of volcanic ash and sands at an altitude from 820 to 1000 meters

Contrada / Cru: Barbabecchi, Carrana and Monte Dolce

Spontaneous fermentation with autochtonous  yeasts, nineteen months in oak barrels, ceramic jars and glass containers. A production of 3100 bottles.

Pronounced notes of black plums and cherries, spearmint, thyme and wild mushrooms.

The sip is fresh and the tannins are soft. A balanced pseudo-caloric sensation makes the drink lovable. Perceivable is the orange zest accompanied by cherries, spearmint and a mineral finish. Characterized by an agile structure and by the mineral identity of such an altitude, the wine tastes of fruit.

Mallard with red onion

IGT Etna Rosso

760 meters

Vintage: 2018

Nerello Mascalese 93% and Nerello Cappuccio 7%

Vines from 12-13 to 65 years on volcanic rocks and sands located at 720 - 770 meters above sea level

Contrada / Cru: Sciara Nuova and Taccione

Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, nineteen months in oak barrels of various sizes and glass containers. A production of 4170 bottles

The aromatic intensity envelops you with sensations of stones and dried berries, outlined by alternating perceptions of anchovy paste and ferrous notes. Perceivable are notes of roasted cherries and chestnuts.

In the mouth the wine is powerful and well structured . The pseudo-caloric sensation brings hints of figs and black fruits, saline notes and a woody finish. The wine is at its best at least half an hour after opening it.

Grilled meat, ossobuco and roast pigeon. With the passing of time it may be served with raw fish too.

Moon’s water

Vintage 2018

Carricante 60%, Catarrato 40%, Minella Bianca and Garganega

Volcanic sands and rocks located between 720 and 1000 meters above sea level

Contrada / Cru: Carrana, Taccione and Monte Dolce

Spontaneous fermentation with autochtonous yeasts, maceration for forty days and sixteen months in stainless steel and oak barrels. A production of 1550 bottles

Hints of apple and pear, chamomile and ginger.

On the palate  an  excellent freshness accompanied by perpetual acid-saline hints is perceivable. In the finish the taste is in perfect harmony with floral notes , honey and ginger.

Pasta with seafood and white meats such as chicken with orange.

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