Az. Agr. Maurizio Menichetti

is an Italian winery created in 2012.

Situated in the middle of the Tuscan Maremma, it is the ideal place to be in perfect harmony with nature and Maurizio Menichetti’s relationship with it is unique. His clear and precise ideas, a life dedicated to wine along with a sustainable management of his own vineyard, have over time led him to express the real essence of the territory in the wines he makes. 

The place is Montemerano, Manciano (GR), Italy.

volcanic matrix, rich in minerals.

Grape varieties:
Malvasia nera, Procanico rosa, Sangiovese, Sauvignon blanc.

Age of the vineyards:
more than fifty years.

the Tuscan Maremma, the medieval village of Montemerano, the thermal baths of Saturnia and the Tyrrhenian Sea just a few miles  away.


  • IGT Toscana bianco
  • IGT Toscana rosso

the main concern of the winery is to make fresh and frank wines that exalt the full potential of the territory.


intriguing, dynamic wines with an excellent progression.
With the passing of time the most complex wines turn towards an intensification of mineral notes.

  • Procanic rose: structure and minerality
  • Sauvignon blanc: elegance
  • Sangiovese: structure, acidity and elegance
  • Black Malvasia: softness and freshness

Common Notes:
great freshness and fine flavor, minerals and excellent drinkability.

White: risottos based on fish, vegetables, fish and white meats. Red: first courses with meat sauce, game, pork and even wild boar.

IGT Toscana bianco

to Carisio (white)

Vintage 2018

Ageing: twelve months in steel and twelve months in bottle.

Straw yellow colour with greenish reflections.

Fresh and mineral. Intense, delicate and fine with hints of flint.

The style is clean and clear, distinct for a wine so delicate, so subtle. Vibrant freshness and fine flavor. A continuous increase in progression. Always perceivable the minerality of flint as well as a citrine vein of cedar and grapefruit. Softness and alcohol, evolving over time, accentuate the mineral tones.

IGT Toscana rosso

to Carisio (red)

Vintage 2017

Vinification in stainless steel vats, aging: twelve months in tonneaux barrels and a further twelve months in bottle.

Clear ruby red colour.

The olfactory phase goes from scents of cherry and plum fruits to notes of tomato, nettle and thyme to join harmoniously with hints of black pepper, poutpourri and to close with mineral sensations.

The mouthfeel is warm and quite soft. The tannins are young, the sapidity is clear. With a fine body it is a well-balanced wine. In the finish it closes with an aroma of smoke.

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