Luca Gungui

is a young Sardinian wine company established in 2015.

The history of the winery started much earlier when Luca’s grandparents and parents sold bulk wine in the neighboring villages or, in good years, gave the grapes of their vines to the great wineries in Mamoiada. When in 2015 Luca Gungui, who was then thirty years old, decided to return to his native land he took the reins of the vineyard Nuraghe Sas de Melas, property of the family since 1980. Over the years the vineyards Badu' Orane, Pulenaria and Sa Funtana de sa perda have been added to the estate with the intent of finding a taste of genuine wine as the Sardinian term Berteru suggests.

The place is Mamoiada (NU), Sardinia.


  • sandy with mother rock of granite
  • mother rock of granite, sandy (upper zone) and clay (lower zone)
  • mother rock of granite and medium soil

Grape varieties:

Age of vineyards:
up to 70 years


  • the vineyard of Sas de Melas, composed of four parts (ghiradas in Sardinian), is situated at 630 meters above sea level with a south-eastern exposure

  • the Badu' Orane vineyard is situated at an altitude of 600 metres above sea level with a  south-eastern exposure

  • the Pulenaria vineyard is situated at 730 metres above sea level with a south-western exposure

  • the Sa Funtana de sa perda vineyard is situated at 800 metres above sea level with a south-eastern exposure


  • DOC Cannonau di Sardegna - Reserve
  • DOC Cannonau di Sardegna


"The real change will take place when everyone realizes that good wine can only be produced in areas suited to the cultivation of vines. So it was in the past and so it will be in the future’’ (Luca Gungui)


Description of wines:
vital, elegant and easy to drink.

Common notes:
all the wines show a character. In the case of Berteru Riserva, the acidic-savory vein is emphasized.

Rose wines: excellent paired with salted fish appetizers, astonishing with meat.

Red wines: excellent with pig and kid, game and even mature cheese.


Berteru En Rose

Vintage 2020

100% Cannonau - Vigna Pulenaria

Granite decay soil and medium mixture with percentages of sand

Vinification: After the summer thinning, the grapes are manually harvested in 20 kg perforated boxes. Alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts; pumping over and fulling every few hours. Contact with the skins for about three hours in simple vats; aging in steel tanks and bottle

The olfactory encounter is a delicate and enveloping caress. The dance opens with classic notes such as plum and tomato that leave room for dried orange and licorice.

Balsamic with rosemary and eucalyptus.  Smoke and a bit of gunpowder in the finish.

The mouthfeel is fresh and saline. The structure and the balance of the wine are characterized by an excellent olfactory taste correspondence.  The aftertaste is dominated by licorice.


Vintage 2020

100% Cannonau - Vigna del Nuraghe Sas de Melas 

Granite decay soil

Thinning in summer and manual harvesting in 20 kg perforated boxes. Alcoholic fermentation with autochthonous yeasts; pumping over and fulling every few hours. Contact with the skins for twelve days in simple tanks without any temperature control. Aging in steel tanks for nine months with malolactic fermentation and further refinement in bottle.

Clear ruby red color.

The tone is elegant with a predominance of fruit ranging from strawberry to red orange, plum, candied cherry and a touch of pomegranate. Scents of aromatic grass, such as sage, introduce the balsamic character of cloves and juniper berries.

The mouthfeel is fresh and the tannins are delicate. The body echoes the red fruit and its pulp brings intensity and progression. The drink is accompanied by an omnipresent salinity.

DOC Cannonau di Sardegna

Berteru Riserva

Vintage 2019

100% Cannonau - Badu' Orane vineyard

Granite decay soil. Manual harvest. Alcoholic fermentation with autochtonous yeasts. Twenty-five days maceration. Aging of twelve months in Slavonian barrels and twelve months in steel.

It is a brilliant warm ruby red wine.

The perceptions of orange peel, black pepper and spices make the approach intriguing. The tasting reveals firm structure with exemplary tannins. Full and rich  in juice it is lively and fresh.

Of agile complexity and long persistence it is a wine able to give moments of incredible harmony.

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